We’re donating 1 serving of food per foot climbed

We’re planning to climb a total of 142,126 ft. That means up to 142,126 servings of nutritious Northerly grains for those who need it most—food pantries, soup kitchens, and other community-based agencies across the United States and Canada. In the process, we want to raise awareness about hunger, sustainable agriculture, and the future of feeding the world.

Help us track meals as we climb the 7 summits. Here are our results so far:

servings of food to be donated

Mountains climbed:

  • Aconcagua –  22,841 ft | 6,961 m
  • Denali –  20,310 ft | 6,190 m

1 in 8 Americans face hunger each day.

We believe we can, and have to, do better.

Find out how you can partner with us, as we climb for the grainer good. 

Want to donate directly? Donations are being made to the leading national hunger non-profit.